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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Why I Should Be Angry

We all asked the same question our lifetime. The best way to respond is to ask the person to explore deep in their own mind and search for the answers. Having full control of your life is almost impossible, because we all have bosses. This causes anger for some of us, because we may have undergone a life with a controlling person, or parent.

We all have rules to follow and this frequently take off people when they see certain rules are ridiculous. We may live with our family and sometimes, someone gets on our nerves. We may work and feel that the job is just not passing by, and wish we had a better place in life. We may go to school and someone is underestimating us, or else intimidating us emotionally.

There are lots of reasons a person is angry and all the listed at reasonable for anger to occur. What matters is how we learn to manage with our anger. Either we can take the path to demolition or we can wonder off down the road to success. Either way you are going to feel anger, because the way to success has many harsh areas. However, the road to destruction has rocky roads ahead that will not only anger you, but others that you affected by your anger.

Because anxiety and depression as said by scientist play a large role in anger we can stare at a few ideas to see whether they may work for you. If you have harsh anxiety hits you may want to consult a therapist and ask for Buspirione, which has minimal side affects for treating anxiety. If you suffer depression, you may want to request your therapist about the variety of serotonin-specific reuptake inhibitors that are not risk. Natural herbs, as well as Kava Kava are great for reducing anxiety, stress and depression as well.

If you are not into pills, you may want to do exercises and take on a healthy diet to build your body’s cells, tissues, insulin, and so on. Once your healthy you will perceive a difference in your attitude, which is a mainly function of the anger. If you have a hard time exercise, try to start out slow and work your way up to a good schedule. You may also want to write down your feelings, emotions, and thoughts and sort through the details each time you finish on your diary. If you have children and they are getting on your nerves, you might want to take a break.

Ask a reliable family member of friend whether they could take the children for a day or two. If you get a day off, try to relax your mind by using Yoga techniques. Or you spend your time doing something that you like to do. Walking can be great idea for reducing tension and stress. Tension and stress affects the emotions, which increases your chances of exploding out of anger. If you feel stressed go visit your best friend and talk about something fun. Spend a day on the beach or a night on the town.

You may work hard all week and the stress is now catching up to you. Go to the store and buy yourself something affordable and nice, rewarding yourself for a hard week of work. Every time you do something good, be sure to reward your self because this creates positive thinking. If you screw up then do not bang you head, rather tell your self you are human you and can make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and face the world.

If you are in a relationship and your mate is a jerk do not hesitate to confront him or her. Let them identify that their manners is improper and you will not tolerate these continuing habits. There is nothing wrong with defending your honor and there is nothing wrong with addressing your problems, providing you do it without bursting out of anger. If you are having, financial difficulties you might desire to run to the library and take out a book on credit repair. You will find many solutions that can bring relief to your life. Managing your anger means managing your life as well.


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